DIY Wrapping Paper

Presentation makes an impression.

With the holidays fast approaching, you know you have to whip out your Chirstmas list and start checking it twice! I personally love Christmas shopping and finding the perfect present that will make each receiver smile with actual gratitude. Moreover, the best part of the holidays is the wrapping!! I love wrapping! Always have. I can’t explain it. What I love most is wrapping with a hint of me. I think it adds a very personal and unique touch. It’s so gratifying when people see presents under the tree they immediately know it’s from me! Theres also something aesthetically gratifying about making something you! So here’s a unique, quick, easy, and budget friendly DIY for wrapping!

All you’ll need is

Manila Paper or any other kind of coloured paper, whichever fits your style

Stamp pad/s (play with colours! there are even metallic stamp pads)

Stamps (you can buy so many kinds in an array of designs that are all affordable)

Ribbon (optional)

Tape & scissors (for wrapping)

Processed with VSCOcam with lv01 preset

This DIY is too simple. All you have to do is just stamp the with the design of your choice and make any pattern that shows off who you are. Have fun with this because there really is no making mistakes. Even if the ink gets smudged, I say all the better! It looks more rustic that way.



Use alphabet stamps to make your gift wrapper more personal. There are tons of alphabet sets available in so many different fonts you’re sure to find one that shows off your personality.


Mad Tip:

If you’re using Manila paper like i did here, I suggest using the smoother side of the manila paper for the outside because it just feels better and it holds the ink better. If you stamp it on the rough side, the ink tends to bleed more than you might like.

Stay Happy!


Happy Holidays!



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