Best 3 Ingredient Salad

 Like most of the food I love, I got this from my Momma! Whenever Mum’s got the munchies, she comes up with the most quick and delectable things. It’s ridiculous.
All you’ll need is:
I like to use one whole
You can use which ever kind you prefer. You can also choose your pomelo to leaves ratio! It’s all up to you, you’re the one eating it.
Personally, I cannot live without this sauce. It’s the most mouth watering blend of sweet, savoury, and spicy! My Family hoards this stuff like winter is coming! So, I suggest you stock up cause we might just beat you to all the new stocks!
Best sauce
After gathering al your ingredients and that’s basically it! You can play around with the fruits and greens. Maybe change it to mango or cucumbers or even add more ingredients, this is a great base to work with if you’re getting bored with the usual caesar salad! Enjoy! Share with me how it goes!
Stay Happy!

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